New 6* Tommorow

Soo my money is on Gov. Sadly i dont have him but i love that gator tease that @kalishane showed us but once again i dont have him -_- but i really want Clementine to be a 6* kali amy chance you could tell us if she will be a 6*???


Would be bad, since I used her as ascendence fodder for my 6* Carl back when he was released

Glenn pls Glenn pls Glenn pls Glenn pls


Yes agree!!!

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I missed the post where it was mentioned that a 6* would be released tomorrow, anyone have it handy?

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Thank you !

I missed that post

We need more greens and f2p reds. Glenn or the gov pleeeeesaaaassseeeee!

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Green Larry to be 6* please, with +36 crit and large drop bonus need some 6* drop leaders and some +36 green crit leaders in this world. Maybe add stun to his attack too

After there done with the list in 2 years, the next should be:
Blue Andrea
Green Kenny
Christa (Because she’s the worst character then)
And more…