New 6* Territorys

Your opinions on that…

5% attack to all characters:except wars

Basic tokens.

What’s the drop rate of it?

Not sure but it does have 2x more chances for crashing.


Burt every hour.
Benedict, 5 power token if held at end.
1 power token each hour.
5% attack

Shield is only for 30 mins, interesting

lol 1 TOKEN AND A BURT AN HOUR. Misread the 5 tokens, that wouldve at least been 1 pull.


I know man, totally game breaking. Thank you scopely for this kind gift.

the only good thing is benedict but you have to hold it when timer runs out

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Cheaper than usual, Scopely. 5/hr would have at least been 1 pull if you held it the majority of the time.


A whole region attacks it. it’ll be hard to keep it the 30 minutes after the shield.

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It’s actually been entertaining watching all the attacks on this territory lol


Should have been two territories, woulda made things alot more interesting.

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i think they should have several territories on rotation that offer things like that.

If they keep a few territories open continously it will be not a bad little addition to the game.

I think now alot of players are able to put together some territory teams with 6 stars.
So it would be nice to have incentives to do so with territories.

Survival road is highly doable with 6 all the way to 400.

Territories was always fun just underused…

coining territories don’t think is worth honestly.
They should lower the coining cost of revives and give out more cans
and then it could be a slaughter lol

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They should really do this more often, this shit is hilarious!


I am not going after it
No one can hold it for more than 30mins

This will only end up to be either exploited or killing the game

Scopely your problem is you always promote things only half done

I really don’t want to say it. But that’s really nonsense.


On Banks it has been held a while but 1 token is pointless should have been 5.


Still been holding this down from the start, at this point we’re out of characters and using 1*/2* fodder.

Our no.1 faction took it first and basically they’re so op the whole region can’t take it back off them :joy::joy::joy: