New 6 star territories

You added these 3 new 6 star limited time territories and that’s wonderful great prizes and incentives only problem is that I’m suggesting u put a faction cap on how many a faction can hold at once! These new addictions to territories would be awesome if my region had a fighting chance against are top faction the walking dead! Even banned together NONE of us can take a 6 star territory from them, for every toon we exhaust and coin to take back in battle they too coin there death teams and by teams I mean they have about 60 death teams they set on these 3 6 star territories. You have made it to where are top faction continues to cripple our hole region, extremly fusterated with this, are top2 thru 10 factions at least have a fighting chance to take territories from each other but none stands a chance to our overpowered big spenders greedy sonofab** top faction! Please for the love of the game put a cap on these territories one per faction so the rest of us to have a chance at them! This makes me feel like my extra money is better off spent at the liquor store instead of with u scopley! I’m sure there’s other regions suffering from this too your making top faction impossible to ever catch up to crippling my region and overall ruining game play


This is according to plan. People wasting coins to repair teams and purchase cans.

It’s a joke. There are 9 special spots. They could have opened them all up and they could have given more people a fighting chance to get one.

Also great job in staggering the timers so the lumbering behemoths can move from one to the next.


Yes please do something about a cap on the 6 star territories

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People complaining because they dont get free loot, smh.


So opening all 9 and having the timers match would be a bad thing for the region. You make me laugh.

You must be one of the behemoths. Congrats on slowly killing the game.

SMH at you!


Is your faction setting up specific times to hit the 6* terries to steal/stack? If so, you should be able to easily take them, at least 1. If not, you guys don’t deserve them.

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While everyone was fighting it out over the six star territories, we just went for the five star ones. So much easier to get and hold than normal.


Its ok… join a top dog and get the rewards :slight_smile:

That would require no effort imo.

There are more than 3 factions in a region. Stop making it about effort or strategy in a game where the all mighty dollar rules over all. It’s a joke.

There could have been 9 opportunities for each faction to collect one of the trainers and the more spots the more opportunities for many factions to claim one. Stop thinking because your faction spends the most only you deserve to be rewarded.

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One faction holds all 6 star territories. This is why my region will die. Because they live home in basement at mommas and have bigger spending then I will ever waste ! If your lucky to be in a region where your 6 stars are held by separate factions awesome. Ours are all held by the same faction. And all of dade can’t take not one.


Your getting a like for not only a smart post but your name and profile pic rocks :heart_eyes_cat:


How long is “limited time?” Haven’t seen an end date.

I personally wanted to see this kind of stuff since territories launch…

rewards don’t need to be too good.

Just make territories actually interesting by rotating the locked ones.!!!

I bet they are seeing if it increases revenue and if so I would expect them to have something like this going 24/7 from now on.

If they are going to do this they need to unlock all 9 and give more than the top 3 a chance at the rewards.

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I Main issue I see with those is the fact that they bring yet another exploit to light. Similar to tower ghosting people are territory ghosting. Except with towers in war there is a way to fight and watch the timer, there is no counter to territory ghosting because hit is not possible while someone is using this hack/exploit. Won’t go into details but it’s shameful how many people have done it during this event.

If I was scopely I would want to fix it because after a few incidents people stopped going for thise zones knowing the effort is wasted and so are the coins. It’s easy to get into a silly battle over a territory in the heat of the moment, no matter how much you planned not to engage, but with the ongoing hack it definitely totally dissuades the engagement.

Shame on ppl who use it!


The only thing I think they need to do is make it so they have to coin the whole team and not just 1 toon

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Not talking about that that’s annoying but can gets way worse. One man 1 Stars can still be combated… not efficiently but can still be attacked …

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I don’t know why they can’t fix these issues. Coining a one star and requiring two hits to kill that one star is outrageous. Make it só territory teams NEED 5 characters. Not that difficult.

But to the people who are complaining about top factions and whales… this is a game. The point is to try and to win. The only region I feel sorry for is Dade. Clearly the OG are still dominating the newbies based on the post above.


Rock, it’s not complaining to want scopely to give everyone a fair shot at something. The problem is they never do. They once again are only using a few spots when they could have used all 9 put 3 of each trainer in them and made it something the players could enjoy. Instead, they kept it to 3 and staggered the towers so the top team can monopolize every single tower. My region is up in arms, the top teams got into another fight, and the repercussions are now the crafting alliance has been shaken. All because of a few stupid trainers.

This pay to win attitude needs to change and fast. You will drive off all the most of the players if crap like this continues. We know the top will always get the biggest piece of the pie. They don’t need to eat the entire thing. Share a little bit or you can all rule alone.