New 6 Star Suggestion

Sandy has just gotten a 3rd 6* variant, yet this guy has none. I wouldn’t mind a 6* Doc Stevens, even if they increase the price in the SR depot.


its my idea for him as a 6*
All teammates get +40 crit 40 deff.All teammates regain 30%of thier max hp and get 35% bonus hp.Revive 1 teammate with 25% of thier max hp.
Specialist skill is Dissarm or Guardian 2


That would actually fit perfectly into my current defense team! :stuck_out_tongue:

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i was thinking the same those toons are useless in current met. They need to make all survival road toons ascendable


I still use SR Zeke with great success.

In my opinion the SR depot toons are a lot more difficult to get than the ascendables you can get in the regular depot, like Andrea and The Wanderer.


^ Yeah ignore every word of that.

Why do you say that? I personally find pressing a button to train characters to sell for Supply points a lot easier than to play Survival road every day.

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i wouldnt mind them making survival road characters accendable, add a new red toon to the rotation of sr so we have 1 of each color, then start by making sr zeke and jesus 6star since they are the oldest, stevens/ and w/e red they add later on. but make the 6stars also take knifes to upgrade, or add 2 slots for new type of gear you need to buy upgrade the 6stars, would make survival road depot interesting again

right now i just waste my survival road points on adens

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sd points are everywhere, sell 3/4 stars from basic tokens/ world map / road map / etc , war is nothing but supply points, basic tokens, supply tokens from war crates, im sure its slower then if you spend, but being free to play i have never had issues getting sd points,

I don’t mind any character been made for 6*…legacy or new toons.
Anything to stop these constant repeats

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I like the idea, it will be a good toon for F2P players

And I agree if Scopely decide to become SR toons into ascendable

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Incase you forgot that is the scopley style do same toons over and over. There is some 3* that still don’t even have a 4* verison. Darius for example is part of like the whole story line but somehow has 1 3* and a crap 5*. Brock has 1 2*, Benjamin 1 3*, gabe was on load screen for longest time 1 3* and so on

prestige michonne should have been made ascendable a loooooong time ago. id be pissed to have spent that much and be stuck with her as a 5*. id also like to see a 6* yellow command toon. seriously like every other trait has a 6* command but fast toons. why?

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complaining wont help anyone in the current state of a game. quit it or enjoy this sweet type of mental torture.

We do need a fast f2p 6* healer bad. Bc that turd Carley isn’t helpful to a lot a ppl myself included. It is a shame that we don’t have a Dr. Stevens. I think this version would be better than the SR version Screenshot_2018-12-05-21-31-25
just bc he can be gotten a little easier without having to spend to get him and yes bc I have him too lol. That and he was also a super helpful toon back in the 5* days.

@TheSurvivor, I completely agree. I was pretty sore that Hunter got picked over SR revive Jesus for the first legacy revive. Especially since Hunter was a p2p toon prior.

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