New 6 star idea

We need to have a 6 star Caroline. Tbh I have her maxed with her AR maxed. So as a 6 star she can fully heal 3 teammates and all teammates recover from all penalties and she confuses 3 enemies for 2 turns. Her leader skill can be is all ranged teammates gets 40% hp and 40% defense. Her active skill is regeneration. 2 teammates get 20% up regen up to 3 turns. Maybe it sounds op…


you forgot 4 things in the character
1.- specialist skill
2.- her tank
3.- her helicopter
4.-a her nanotechnology


I’m sorry I had to.


Are you assuming her gender? Is 2018! Wow

Never had a Caroline :frowning:

Haha I laughed.

He’s referring to her ‘sex’ not ‘gender’. I’ll leave the difference up to better scientists than I.

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Not interested in caroline… just give me 6* yellow kate n Teresa. Then ill stfu

He corrected to “her” without first asking which personal pronoun she identifies with! That is just uncalled for! Maybe Caroline chooses to identify as “he”!

So what we call everyone we’ve never asked for their gender identify? Generally curious cause I may just go with herim

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Gender-neutral pronouns are great because they allow you to speak to and about individuals without making what might be incorrect assumptions about their gender.

Just because you have her maxed doesnt make her a good 6* char potential. I think most people are so sick of seeing caroline that they never want to see her again. Many must have used her as 6* ascendance fodder now too.

Why does it even matter if the post said he? It’s about a toon on a game. I don’t really think Caroline feelings will be hurt if he/she is called a shim. Leave it alone and stop trying to make useless points out of nothing.


You missed one…

  1. Her hat

(This is the six star era, everyone wears a crazy hat from a fancy dress store)

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Show some respect! If it didn’t matter they could have left out the pronoun, if it didn’t matter you could have ignored my reply and not continued on, if it didn’t matter no one would have an identity! You are clearly out of touch :man_facepalming:


Dude, or whatever you like to call yourself (I don’t care), Caroline is a bunch of code. It cannot think. It cannot communicate. It’s not living. Also, like what @Disregard said, “…stop trying to make useless points out of nothing.” So it doesn’t even So you really don’t need to make a fuss about me calling her her.

That’s his shtick.

@s1acker6 is the guy who is like “You’ve had a haircut.” He’s not asking and definitely not passing on a compliment. This is just an empty statement of fact. Yes, I have had a haircut.

Or should I have used “girl” instead of “guy” and said “she” instead of “he”?

No you use choose your pronouns based on gender identity and unbiased assumptions! No one cares about your haircut but the way to phrase your sentences needs to make its way to 2018. This is not a statement of fact, maybe you @Killa-K, need to drop your own “shtick” of assuming you know what other people are talking about when clearly you have no clue :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:


And you’re not? Your first post on this thread was a useless point of gender assumption…Grow up kid (no gender needed)