New 6* Duane "The Tank Killer" Video


Duane, The Tank Killer is here and don’t let his size fool you! This lil guy knows how to stab the most thick armored of survivors leaving them wide open to the most destructive of attacks.

Let’s talk about his stats, AR, Active, Leadership, Combat Mods and Team Comps with Duane.

Oh yeah! He makes great friends with Decapitates!

Let us know if you ascended your Duane! How do you feel about him? Are you just as happy about his Defense Shred as I am?


Tbh i was expecting some video showing how much “good” this duane is


Good video reviews of characters and mods


Continue. It is very useful!


Although I enjoyed the breakdown, I would’ve liked to see Duane in action.


I agree with you there. It sucks we didn’t get a road map with him to test out so I could get footage of him. I am hoping that there will be a “mock play” server/region in the future where we can get access to all toons so we can make team comps and show certain survivors in action.


My face when I realise I’ve been pronouncing Duane incorrectly all this time…




Damn you and your bump! Thought for a second they made red tanky duane ascendable… :cry:


lol and he a human shield as well