New 5 star character only server Please!

Ever since 6 star characters became the meta and the survivors club was released I feel the game has become much less balanced and fun.

Who is for a 5 star character only server? I would pay a monthly subscription to play on such a server. I miss the good old days when this game was on fire.


like when we had double priyas and turn one raid teams? yes that would be fun!


Now we have Pete Anderson, double Mias and double Negan, no limits fun!


I’m for a 4* only Server :stuck_out_tongue:


The 5 star days were bad too, but it is eclipsed by the brokenness of some of today’s 6 stars. Now 4 star toons, that sounds fun!!! Those were the good old days, I miss using alot of them, Chuck Hershel, Molly, Shane, and the list goes on.
Maybe in the Arena one day, but I doubt it😞

Lol Mias and Negans are not a problem…

I’m for a new s-class server 6* are fine things would be fine but they keep screwing up

Excuse me…What the fυck


I find Elle much more difficult to defeat than Mias and Negans…

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Can’t believe this got fl…ged

She can just be unescorted by a Tobin

I’ve dealt with a team of just Mias!

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I agree. I would pay a little amount each month for a server like that. Like £2.

And I would also pay a little amount each month for totally f2p servers where you could only use what you worked for in game.

There must be other ideas. Arenas are sort of awesome but sort of a massive paywall.

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Scopley please give us a 5 star only server! I miss the good ole days and will pay to have them back.

Scopley please!


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Bump…! Bump in the night.

I wouldn’t give another penny to Scopely for anything but I’d be happy to move to a server with only 5*s. I’m loving the old school arena, it’s the only one I can actually win prizes in. Won’t happen but it’s a nice dream.

I’d more than happily join a 5* only server. I miss the days of old from this game, as I started playing it shortly after it came out, but because I’ve never really spent money on the game, it has passed me by a long time ago, and now I really don’t enjoy even logging into it every day.

I feel like people are looking back to 5* days with beer goggles on.