New 40 pull coin deals disguised as Ericka or Violet offers


Super deal? We could either spend enough to do a 40 pull for the chance at getting either Ericka or Violet versus the usual wheel of death? No grenades no smelling salts? We demand answers! #justicefornadesandsalts


Well the trick here is it’s a 95% chance of getting coins so basically ur not getting the toon but you do get the coins but you could also buy the $99 coins sale and get 2000 coins more so long story short scopley wins in the end


good deal if you were going to buy coins anyway - same price you’d pay anyway but small chance to get an OP 6*
Otherwise, no thanks


My point exactly. Any sane player would save for a coin sale, especially knowing you won’t get the toon they try to shuck and jive the usual coin sale under but place desirable toons ontop of a longstanding offer and it’s a deal? Naw bruh. Toss two nades in now THAT’S value. I’m fresh out of Advil, Jesus grab the wheel.


oh shitzzzzz, there is an Erika promo!!! , Scopely actual read the forum…but…5%… c’monnnnnn


We ALL know if this exact deal were offered for either toon, with a chance at the sixer but if not you got the five, Scopes CEO would be our next president with the type of cheese he made. But a thinly veiled, every day coin offer, with no value added incentives (#justicefornades), is just simply is just cheap, cheap AF. I’ve got a 5% chance of waking up tomorrow and being a billionaire to be fair.


But I guess if I wake up to thirty four star blue Sherrys I am in good company. I’ve been hoarding penicillin…


Are they trying to kill the game? I had a player rage quit after do a 40 pull and getting nothing.


Scopes like money


You may as well spend $100 On the coin sale wait for her to be on the wheel again and have gold left


Okay dawg.


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