New 30 day pass

So I saw that 1st time purchasers of the 30 day pass will get a 5* ascendable Carl. So what about people like me? I’ve purchased the pass every time it’s expired since my first time and was wondering that if I will receive the Carl? Even thought it’s not my first buy but I couldn’t get him the first time I bought. So will he appear in my inventory?

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Short answer more than likely no

new members that sign up to get netflix can get a free month but i have had a netflix account for years so where now is my free month


You paid for a different pass. Just because the offer changed doesn’t mean you get the benefits of the new one without buying it.

I bought mine literally the day before it changed without knowing about the ascendable carl.

It’s a new pass as it’s different to the old one, as such it should be available to all as a ‘new’ pass offered at the first time price to all with the new toon. But hey it’s Scope they are never going to do that.


wrong forums sir, you gotta ask Netflix customer support for that :grinning:

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do you need help here to understand

How is it a new pass? The rewards are the same as you’ve always been getting, the only difference is the incentive to join for people who’ve never had it before.

box is no where near the same…

Damn new subscribers for att can get a buy one get one free iPhone X…been with them for 20 years where is my free phone?


I have a new netflix account every month.

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The majority will still get an Aden every month so it’s not really that different :woman_shrugging:

Regardless, Carl is a joining incentive for new customers. Lots of companies do offers like that and he’s really not worth arguing over.

not really, but a friendly help is always welcome :smiley:

If you buy a 320 BMW in 2017 & they launch a ‘new’ 320 BMW in 2019, yes your buying the ‘same’ car but no it’s not the same. This is a ‘new’ deal as the rewards are different it’s a relaunch & to encourage people who have previously purchased the ‘old’ deal most retailers would encourage existing customers to avail of the ‘new’ deal. Customer retention is a simple concept, Scope only believe in baiting customers with one off initial offers & then move on.

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