Nevermind, Wrong Maggie


Disregard this post, this brand new Maggie looks very similar to the bonus HP Maggie, hence the confusion.

sent Anyone else planning on not ascending their 5 star Maggie? I feel like she has more use with her command skill and super fast rush that does %700 damage while buffing 3 character with %45 bonus health on top of their already existing health.


No she’s not worth it. Better yet, sell her to the depot. You’ll be glad you did, and feel refreshed.


Like to see how that 796 defence stat stands up to Shiva…


You can’t ascend 700% damage Maggie…


I get plenty of use out of 5 star Maggie’s, her 45% bonus health is the best, especially paired with ascended Negan and Carl.
@Kanaima She does survive Shiva, btw, when behind Carl lead and has used her bonus HP rush.




My bad…


Lol looks so similar, almost like they could have just ascended a legacy toon instead


When I first saw the new promo I actually got excited that we had our first OG ascendable.

Then I got really mad because as usual they put out a company first, profit first, premier first.

So move along, nothing to see here but the typical and usual


I honestly thought when I saw It on vk a while back it was the yellow hemorrhage Maggie similar To how abe had hemorrhage then ascended to taunt indomitable healself but was wrong of course lol.


That 5☆ version of Maggie was released a long time ago in a road map but then never put as promo. I remember because I wanted to pay for her back then but now its 6 months later and I no longer spend due to bogus Rewards