Nevermind not worth it


nevermind. yes this is a sentence.


This is so sad, can we nuke this thread 50 times?


It’s also one of the greatest albums of all time.


Beat me to it! I’m actually wearing my Nirvana shirt today lmao


I’m still mad at the Foos… was meant to be seeing them twice in a month… then Dave broke his leg and cancelled.


Was this after he broke it, while in concert, and came back to finish the show with someone holding his leg in place?


Yeah lol, the mans dedicated… just wish he could have like… not broken it before I saw them lmao


No reason to have to choose one or the other. They are and will always be awesome bands.


I underdstand, have you seen them at all? I saw them twice, they were really good. I was not as happy with Serg opening for them, he really let me down.


I saw them when I was 4, don’t really remember it though. Royal Blood were gonna be supporting them, would have been an awesome night!


Doesn’t really count, at least, not in the way you would like it to. I saw them in Omaha and Dave made fun of a guy heckling, it was really funny. I think someone put it on Youtube. They really sound just like the album. If you ever get the chance be certain to catch them.


Hell yeah, I’d love to see them again.


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