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If you see a problem, do not do anything.


Forgive me for saying so but 400/500 tickets a day seem little to me. I never really bothered to figure it but it should be more by use of free energies in my opinion.


Wtf. Farm more the or do the lower tiers which seem more profitable at that rate, since they lowered the price.


Im at 600 right now and it’s 10am where im at. Gonna be the usual 1000+ at the end(11pm). 400-500 would be the lowest in our fac.


Gotta take your word for it. I make more with farming, raids and territory battles. But I‘m lvl 125 and on maxium energy. Maybe that makes the difference.


Add territories and your own math easily beats 600. And it‘s not polite to call other people liars when oneself can‘t stand the truth.


I noticed.


Closing this thread for laziness :sweat_smile: