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Last night my faction held Hershels Farm. When I logged out around 4am eastern out we had control of the territory. But it has changed hands several times now. According to fellow faction mates 4 times to be exact, but somehow my teams are still inside defending. How is this possible?

This is the first time I’ve had this bug, normally I just get the crashing when attack or placing teams that results in lost of NRG or I get the bug that magically boots teams and reverts it back to walkers.
If I would’ve attacked and placed teams the other factions NRG would’ve have dropped but it’s still at the same 3k. I thought maybe it’s just a visual bug but when I look at my roster it’s showing my teams are still there and nothing has changed in 2+ hours.

Well in the time I was writing this I decided to take another quick look back at the game to see if it was still happening and now another faction had taken control of Hershels Farm but my teams are still in as defense. I tried to pull my teams but it won’t let me pull them, when I did the game crashed and restarted itself. So now they’re just stuck in there.

Has anyone else seen this before?? As I said I’ve never encountered this particular bug before since it territories were released.

The only thing I can think to fix it would be to try taking the territory and then pulling teams. But honestly I don’t want to waste my NRG for a territory I no longer need.


Just remove your teams and try again…


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