Neutralizer and guardian (solved)

I don’t know if this is meant to be but from my understanding how is when I have a guardian Shield up that a neutralizer who really is impairing can still impair even though it was accompanied with damage. Is this right? I thought when you have the shield up that it would also negate any damages and effects long as it is accompanied by damage first. Help @CombatMan @CombatDevIl

It negates damage and attack/defense Debuffs, but not Impair. It’s the only thing that is able to get through the Guardian protection.

True of rushes and I’ve yet to be able see stun atk work against a guardian shield. Suppose neutralize is a special exemption as it doesn’t require damage to apply its effect. Example of this being absolute defense or evasion negating all damage. But then again stun atk does work in these cases.

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So if I had Kay who has specialist skill confounding would I still be able to confuse a character even though it had a guardian Shield up before I could proc Kay’s ability?

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No, Guardian negates all debuffs as long as it is accompanied by damage.

@TwoDogg It’s been stated that Neutralize being able to go through Guardian is a bug. (I was actually the one that asked them about it a while ago.)


I honestly never tried it that way… If her confuse doesn’t deal damage, it is more likely to confuse an enemy since there is no damage being taken into consideration.

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Thank you I thought it was a bug too and drove me a lil crazy after the whole guardian changes

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Last I tried when I had my Randal attack someone with Guardian up it said neutralize but that person I attacked still used their AR the next turn.

It’s a bug, Neutralize was an edge case we didn’t take into account when we fixed it, it has been fixed for 9.1, though. :wink:

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