Neutralize Fast Beta - Good Or Bad?


Any neutralize is pretty decent to me.


I’m not sure who you’re talking about but I’m legitimately asking for advice lol


of course to the person who created the topic

next hes gonna post a stun gun asking good or bad.




My point exactly


harlan is useless in general


Neutralize is great for all those teams with AP when defending leaders. Allows you to keep rushes locked down.

His rush also looks like it will be pretty helpful for getting other characters on your team rushing faster. Active skill also helps him rush more often.

Overall I’d say he’s definitely good.


I also was curious. He looks pretty decent and I’m a sucker for Neut attackers


One of the most interesting rushes and neutralize is always nice to have.


Didn’t see him often in raids, but I remember once getting completely screwed by him because I didn’t pay attention.

He’s definitely good in right setup.


I have him and use him on my yellow attack team, neutralize is invaluable.


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