Neutralize Fast Beta - Good Or Bad?

Good? Bad? (His 6 star)
Just pulling this guy has given me very mixed feelings, he looks good.


Promo = good no questions asked

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Tell that to Blue Jessie.


How about you level him, mod him and find out.


Prestige wheel Jessie? Not a promo anymore

They need to know whether or not to do that. Wouldn’t wanna waste time on someone who’s bad.


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I wouldn’t say that applies to Ajax.

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All his time is a waste

Beast if used correctly


All of everyone’s time is a waste.

He’s really good with a command. Rom rush, cmd rom, beta rush, rom rush again

Yeah stun gun Ajax sucks especially when he has good mods.

He’s a pretty decent toon. Especially if free.

He dies too quickly.

he is really good. lets say a tyreese is about to go off. His ar will drain his ap back to 0 and give 100 ap to a potential healer or mass attack toon or you can just impair him with neut.

Doesn’t apply to Harlan

Why would someone waste hard to come by gear and medals before asking for guidance and making an informed decision based on others experiences? Especially when it costs nothing to ask.

That being said I have a faction mate who does use him on some of his defenses and he can be a real pain in the butt. So I would say he’s worth it based on my experience.

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So… Would 2 yellow betas be good?


do you plan bragging on forum about every toon you get? level up the man to t4 lvl 80, observe other teams with him and analyze his stats and you will know if you want to ascend him. there are posts about him on this forum and internet, just use search.