"Network Error"

Just recorded a video of doing some of the first SR stages and getting the “NO NETWORK” popup over and over again (the fight works well inbetween popups).

I´ve checked my internet connection and its flawless. Why blame clients when your servers are down?

…Right now it seems i cant even get back in the game, it just showing me the BS loading info “taking aim, finding survivors, awaiting the heard” and nothing happens until im advised to check my connection again.

Im sure this is not only me, so how are you guys experiencing the latest scopely outtake?

this is like third different post on the same subject

Same thing going on in my faction :expressionless::expressionless:

I looked, tried to report in an ongoing thread, which was deleted before i could save, so i simply created my own thread for the matter. Somebody should really stop censoring and deleting threads.

Edit: I suspected account codes was the reason, and it seems that was why the thread disappeared so fast.
Good stuff, i almost posted my video when creating this thread when i realized i was about to out my code :wink:

Truth said. Somebody closed first thread before game got stable. Game did start working but now not working again!! And all progress I made while error messages were poppin, now is lost.

Thats great news, just tried and got back in finally.

Perhaps a bit much ongoing at once, scripts shower regions with awards while two new events start…

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Yeah same m8 but i lost full can of rts can over it that i bought for 200coins