Network error code : 11


I’m using google translator,
it’s been a month since I can not log in to my account. When I open the application it appears network error, error code: 11,
I contacted scopely support, but it’s been 1 month already. nothing solved,
I invested money and 1 year of my time in this game, scopely says have no problem with my account,
looking for members of the faction, my reputation remains the same since the application stopped, but seeing the profile you can notice that has decreased 3000 reputation, at the moment I use the sub account to maintain contacts with members
of the faction, scopely just made me wait and gave me no positive answer
I do not know who to ask for help…


My congratulations. It`s high possibility your device IP+acc.code pair is in game server ban list. Sometimes such shit happens when IP looks suspicious or there goes some strange traffic from it. I can advice you log in with old acc from other device (physical not emulator) if you can do it successfully, than i’m right, if not your entire acc is banned.

PS. I’ve got similar issue with ingame chat :slight_smile: I can play, but cannot see no messages in chat


My region is COLUMBIA-JP