Netflix of gaming?

I had to laugh when I saw the comment on becoming the Netflix of gaming… First off, my Netflix subscription is 12 a month for ALL of their content whenever I want. Survivors club alone is 25 a month and you don't get all content unlocked... If scopely ran Netflix it would let you watch 2 episodes of a show and pause right at a cliffhanger asking for cash for a chance to finish the episode.. if 12 a month got me a 10 pull at all premier wheels and one of every offer they put up I would do it. I also would expect support to actually… Support the product


You forgot the part where it crashes multiple times during said cliffhanger.


No, you got it all wrong. As I have said in the past. Scopely is the Zune of music. Rock on! :smirk:

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Hey, I still have mine somewhere. I should drag it out.

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