Nerfing Critical for Walkers


In my opinion the fact that they Nerfed Crits makes SR almost impossible. I’ve been using a team with Ezekiel (Crit Drop Lead) and Darlene and NEVER had a problem. I just did a level on my SR that i had to revive this team 5 times in order to complete the 1 level.

I use 5 Ezekiel Precise Canes with extra Crit in slot 3 and I’ll get lucky to have 1 crit. Even with Darlene’s AR active. This nerf has broken this game and it is making me not wanna play SR (normally the thing i look forward to daily)

This needs reverted ASAP


It won’t be. Whatever there bs about it being a “bug” fix. It’s been like that for over a year. This is nothing more than a cheap attempt to force people to buy cans who might now struggle a bit on sr legendary tournaments. Hoping we either buy the kits to revive or the cans to complete it.

The game is in the


Its working fairly well for me


Your one of the lucky ones


Agreed. It’s ridiculous.


Thank You.


I have noticed a decrease in crit hits, but I always stack with crit toons, guadrian and high crit weapons. No issues passing


I had that and I was not able to pass at all. Everything you just named. Crit lead Crit AR Crit weapons. Still I’m getting screwed. I even used Camo Michonne and still got over ran.


What color toons???


Before I had a diverse roster I would use a 4-star crit lead with 4 2 stars to thin out the herds then mop up with my main zombie team. This way who cares if you lose two stars and you’re not burning a ton of kits to pass the bs stages like the three wave green stun one.

With this asinine nerf I might have to start using this tatic again.


I use Greens


You shouldn’t have to do something like that if you have done the work and have the toons to run thru it easily.


The nerf dropped crits by 20%. You will get surrounded now. I got perfect weapons, 24 crit lead, and two guardians. Shit is still not enough. I am specificially talking aobut the green stun walker stage on legendary in the tournaments.

This method will absoultly save you from getting 5 5 stars wiped and having to burn through kits.

How about you make up your mind.



I run zeke, darlene, earl, michonne and siddiq. All have high crit weapons with large or better ar. I have zero issues. I also have margaret and rosita if needed.

Maybe you just had a bad run.


If greens are an issue, bring michonne and audrey along. You’ll have no issues.


Siddiq or hershel
Norma lead. easy


When it’s green-only, the only problem I have is the stun walkers. I’m already limited to hit walkers not behind cover. But it’s bad enough when not only do I get stunned, but the walker doesn’t die so it remains a issue. I tried running a HWR Michonne team with fodder but they got destroyed quickly. I went in using another team with Crit and SR Zeke for the remaining TWO rounds and I was pushed so far, I had to use both Zekes as well as Rosita and Rosa’s rush to stay alive and not get one-shot by all the walkers that were surrounding us. TL;DR, the crit NEEDS to go back to normal. This is no “fix”. If I use a rush that gives me over 100 crit, I should be killing left and right.


The fact that critical formula hasn’t been disclosed leads to think that all rebalancing done is to force some more can sales, just saying.


Only someone with their head in the dirt wouldn’t know that it’s about money