Nerfed gear that’s being dropped per stage completed


You have nerfed the sellable year for sales depot way to much and with these super high milestones for lvl ups and how frequent that ur having them now there is no way people will be able to keep enough food on hand to get all the milestones in the lvl ups to be able to get the hard to get items or the exclusive event items like what’s going on now scopely please stop being so damn greedy and allow us to at the very least to be able to obtain select gear to sell to for food and you need to make a multiple buy option on the food in the salesdepot it’s so annoying that it takes a so many clicks just to get enough food to lvl ur toons @kalishane


Food is like wood. We have enough of it. What we really need is something to spend our wood useful.


This is what works for me:
Since latest updates you have to farm human stages in the world map if you are looking for gear

Stage 22.2 drops tons of yellow helmets and many other sellable for gear markers stuff, (e.g. 60 helmets = 1M food in gear supply depot)

Ultra gear roadmap is another option, selling 2 nv goggles or 2 police shields gives you enough markers to buy 1M food too, 1 walkie or school bag are 1.5M food, …


Yes but ur not getting the point where we used to be able to Farm gear weapons and what not things aren’t dropping as they used to they said they weren’t going to change 13 stages and that’s not the case at all anymore it’s just a waste of e to even Farm it and by not saying anything about these things scopely is going to continue to screw us over and make us Farm more expensive lvls for less gear and items dropping


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