Nerf S class. It's getting ridiculous

Nerf Them they are WAYYY TOOO OP

-MAX 1 S class per team
-decreace amount of hp,attk,deff


Just close the game down altogether.
It’s hey day has come and gone and its way past it’s prime.
It’s just a broken down banger spluttering on dying a slow and painful death riddled with ever increasing bugs and crashes lol


This would be an innovative and good way to slowly introduce the inevitable power creep while still giving everyone a half fighting chance to catch up

Hence it prolly won’t happen lol


no, keep it scopely. i will spent my money for it. hehehehe

Im patiently waiting for Elon musk to blow up scopley’s servers but the mfer wants to nuke the fukn moon :man_facepalming:


Unfortunately Scopely have got themselves in a pickle here. They realise they have massively overestimated the value of their pixels and she hasn’t sold as they had hoped. However, there remain a few players with more money than sense (or perhaps not that much money and even less sense, who knows) who were prepared to drop a month’s salary on her (that’s literally what is recommended to spend on an engagement ring. They valued Priya the same as a damn engagement ring). So they can’t just nerf her now, unless they are prepared to refund. Hmmmm…

So that leaves them in a position where they know they can’t sell future S-classes at the same value as Priya. At the same time, there’s no point dropping £200 on a ‘normal’ toon, no matter how OP it is, because Priya will still smoke it. So their usual source of income (negan , doc, zach etc) have now decreased in value. It’s a real catch-22. The only way out is it start again, much like they did with 6 stars in the first place, and make the next few S-class widely available before they start dropping the next set of OP ones. But then who can really be bothered with yet another total reset?

Furthermore, something I’ve seen mentioned on another thread that I think is relevant here, is how Scopely have heavily relied on their ‘gambling’ style model and preying on those addicted. We’ve all been there, hoping to luck out on a single or 10-pull. And most of have have, albeit rarely. That excitement that this pull ‘could be the one’. The new pull system has totally negated that. We know we can’t get lucky off a single, a ten or even a 40. So what’s the point?

I don’t see a way out for them. It was greed at its ugliest and it might just have cost them their entire product.


Never gonna happen

Very well said, i agree.

Stupid scopely never realised it wasnt the game but the people who made you log on, the competetive spirit, having fun, getting better, they have all but killed that, its why it feels so depressing as of late and why so many have cut down activity, or are leaving
And the dumb shits at scopely think releasing priya will help lmao.
Clueless company killing its own game.


I think it’s end game now.Collect keys for 10 years lol.


Thats hillarious,waste of roadmap and war crate space, pete will be obselete by then lol
they already screwed people who paid huge sums of money for him over by releasing priya just over a month later lmao.
Seems they are following a pattern here…s class op yellow trait next?:thinking:

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I agree. The fact that you cannot progress without spending a fortune is what killed it for me.

No progress? No point in playing.

No balance? So not worth playing.


It’s too bad they have the stat boost to S class toons (even though I don’t think she’s that good even with the stat boost but I don’t have her to try her). It’s more about what coming down the pipe with the two that are already released.

It’s a shame because they have really made some nice changes with this recent update. The wheels are all much much better, the basic tokens are amazing and the war chests are awesome. Up to 700 keys this weekend so it might be attainable in about 2-3 months with lots of warring and some offers. Something to definitely look forward to.

But i Still don’t understand what they are doing? Like they are going to pump out gen 2 promos? Why now? So we can spend to stay below the top tier? Ridiculous.


As i sand above, they have just massively devalued their staple toons. Why would anyone spend on doc/wayland/raven/zach now?

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Yea once you go to a new level of toon, doesn’t make sense to sell the lower end… or create new lower ends. It’s like if they made a gen 1 promo after releasing gen 2. Silly.

Remember we had this with 5* after the initial 6* release and before they were going to be available on the wheel (chortle)

About a month where we still got great 5* promos but they were all useless

I imagine this may go the same way but who knows, I’m not waiting to find out regardless

At least when sixes came out they were widely available. The playing field was actually pretty level across all players at that point.


I’d go as far as to say it was the most balance we’d seen since before the acceleration of OP 5* cards.

We had 3 months where the game had optimum balance

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I actually think it was more than 3 months. It wasn’t until the release of Erika that we started to see OP sixes, perhaps 5 or 6 months? And then after michonne came out it all spiralled out of control.


I was going off the tower and working it out as 1 per week minus the orignal f2p cards. Certainly somewhere between the inital 3 and the 5/6 months you think it was.

Regardless, 3 or 5, game had a modicum of balance back then lol

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