Nerf Mercer for the love of god

I am so tired of people having invincible raid teams because of Mercer. I mean 20 times he gets to use the skill and by turn 2? How is that not a game breaking feature? Please please please nerf Mercer. I had a thought about making a new kind of neutralize skill where it neutralizes 6 star active skills like how normal toons use the neutralize to stop adrenaline rushes except this skill can neutralize active skills because not everyone has access to stun, impair, heal reduction or maim toons

And before you tell me to get “so and so” I’m in a new region so I don’t have access to many toons!!!


Um Mercer is easy lol


I’ve faced Mercer a few times and he’s not that bad. Stun and he heals no more. If you leave him till last hitting auto will usually finish him off soon enough. There’s a lot better candidates for a nerf.

The fact I have him is not why I am here.


For you. Not for people going against teams that have 2 Mercer’s

How bout 2 doc Stevens dude come on


Mercer sucks for the most part, hes mainly a hordes toon


Never fought two at the same time because Mercer is a very common toon

In my region he’s in almost every raid I find

Some regions are different, my region i see negan every raid almost, id advise impairing him and saving him for last or using confuse or taunt from Charlie

Yes but I’m in a relatively new region so the variety of toons is almost non existent. I always see a Yumiko, Tobin, Negan, Mercer and Ryker. Mercer is the only one I have a problem taking down. Most of the time I get him but only if they don’t have revive skills or there’s only one Mercer

Charlies active skill always does the trick against him for me :grinning:


I do not have a Charlie thank you for that

Do u have Charlie or regina u can just auto and taunt with Charlie and take him out with regina. Or shawn if u were able to get him

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I have no maim toons. Again my region is small and new so all the other toons are basically unseen. CRW was an absolute nightmare

ohhh i see your in a new region. sucks that you missed out on two great league toons

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I stopped playing for a year after ascendance released. Came back in May. I’m S7+ in Williamson. This region is new so basically all we have is the starter toons plus war wheel :frowning:

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Wat toons do u have?

I have yellow wayland so Mercer has never been an issue. Like others have said check for characters with heal reduction like maybe even Dwight.

My team is a good atk team but Mercer is just a tank. My team is Alice(lead) holly, gov, kelly and violet. All 6 star

I can’t exactly just pick up a new toon just like that