Nerf Human Shields, Buff Other Specialist Abilities?


He must really love all those greens running around with that ab def ax now. :grin:


I can name quite a few top players who use or used kate for focus, including myself. 56ap,heal,buff, abs Def weapon, tenacity, pops round 2. Gives you 2 full turns to kill off the other toons or at least very close to killing them off.
You sound like an old fac mate of mine, no matter what is suggested, proven via video or screen shots, he found excuses why it didnt work. Before telling everyone focus isnt the answer take a look at your roster and see what you have and TRY it before giving the " but "


Yes I know this.I was just saying


On a more serious note:
Kate is definitely a great toon, I agree. However, I see a lot of defenses now, that mix in damage dealers and a lot of AP reduction mods, so she keeps blowing up in my face (besides absDef) before she is able to rush almost all of the time. And then things definitely get hairy. I made around 100 friendly duels yesterday and it seems the A.I. is targeting 5* almost all the time.

So it has definitely become harder (at least for me) to pull of an attack team with her.


Oh Yeah… Buff Disarm sounds like Great Idea. It’s not like
it is the Real Most POWERFUL Specialist Skill, right?


Can we see your main attack team? Some may have some suggestions.

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