Nerf Human Shields, Buff Other Specialist Abilities?


Human shields are easy. Stop giving Scoopley ideas on ruining the game even more. try stunning, focusing, decaping,ect human shields


Parting Shot is useless i don’t think they’ve been any new ones for a good 18 months. maybe longer that’s a good idea on making them better. stunning enemy but it’s for walker teams


They already did nerf human shields and she’s called Kate. She’s also a 5-star and to make things even easier for those who never pulled for her they put her up super cheap in the league store. She makes them next to worthless.


“Gets killed turn 2”


Maybe yours does. Time out teams tend to do very little damage.


I don’t have one.


You missed out. I had her prior but she was so worth the 6k in tokens.

It’s funny because 10 min before that post my faction mate asked me to test out this team. First, try without Kate did not go so well because I couldn’t get past the shield in time. The second one with Kate’s focus and I was able to crush it.


Nerf? Or rework?
Reverse collateral damage ish. Major dmg to shielder an splash to rest


Try out this team.Brings toons that get trait advantage


You know you can see your faction mates team in friendly duels but even if you couldn’t you don’t attack a green lead with a red attack team?

Okay…right…moving on then.

You do get that the OP is asking for them to nerf human shields because they are having issues getting past them. All the replies are showing him how FOCUS is the answer and it is.


I that decap sandy or the revive sandy? I am thinking decap?


That’s one of the “weaker” versions of shield teams you’ll find. I’d like to see you try that against a top-tier human shield team.


What does the strength of the toons have to do with the fact that the shield is rendered useless? Is that a weak lead (Gabriel) and weak shield (Jesus)?

An no, Kate doesn’t die. She can hold absolute defense and had tenacity which is actually amazing. Not to mention, she’s 56 ap so she can be used without a leader skill.

This is why I always use the argument that this game takes skill. Scoring 700k in crw with a five star in my attack team. Players just need to try different combos and understand mechanics.


The strength of the other 6* make the shield more difficult to deal with.


Dude my fac mate is P13. His toons have over 5k in def. All his toons are top notch and he’s got mods for days. He was just messing around with some defensive ideas. That team was all about taunting not shielding. My point was without using Kate a 5-star it wiped me because I couldn’t bypass the shield in time and stop the rushes and lost control of my offense. Kate let me bypass the shield and stop all the AR’s from going off and won. Something you apparently struggle with.

Point stands you need to learn how to play the game. Use FOCUS!


Your right it’s the decap one.

I can’t stand how lazy they are and reuse the same pic over and over. They do have an art department, right? How hard would it have been to draw a brand new one? :smirk:


or just have her facing the other direction so we can tell…


Don’t try logic with this fella. We have been down this rabbit hole before. Prefers to just clear the game of anything they might find the least bit challenging.


Is this the absolute 0 is too OP person?


Gotcha. Figured as much. I mean how many people does it take to say use Focus before he gets it? Talk about thickheaded.