Nerf Human Shields, Buff Other Specialist Abilities?




Opponent won’t be able to use active until their second turn so if by chance they actually do use an active to recover, you’ve still had 2 turns to attack someone else and should be close to built up a few ARs, and if they didn’t recover your stun/confuse/taunt then you get at at least another turn.


Yes, because there is only 1 person to worry about on a team? You can disarm the shield but you still got maybe another shield to worry about and 3 6* with 4k+ health.


Disarm to build AP and then focus to kill non-shields is what he is saying.


Then just disarm the next shield… with Alice and Diego/Harper and Alpha they’ll all be dead round 3 anyway.


It usually takes about 3 turns to build up AP and what about their weapon’s special stats?


You just listed at least 2 premium 6*. Do you really think it’s easy to obtain them?


Yeah and you’ve got at least 2 turns if not 3 just there with what I said.


You just asked for a strategy to beat a shield easily, they’re easy to obtain if you’re willing to pay lol.


For Melee:
Madison, red Hershel and Jeremiah + 2 heavy hitters. That gives you lead skill, attack buff, focus, enemy def debuff, 3 possible stun guns. Or, you can swap mirabelle in for Madison to give you stun ar + recover stun active.
(This is something a lot of ftp have access to and is very effective.)

I don’t use focus against ranged bc I have blue Carl so I just use michonne, double Romanovs and decap ty. It takes care of any Erika/magna team within 4 turns.


Why use “strategy” and “thinking” when we can just nerf everything that can’t be defeated in auto mode…


Just use focus. My goodness. If you use focus you are basically rendering one or more characters on defense useless. They don’t even attack you and they waste their turn.


There has never been a time when Human Shields were less effective than they are now. There are so many counters with Disarming (which is now F2P if you grinded hard enough), Focus (which many F2P characters have), Stun/Taunt/Confuse Active Skills, and heavy damage dealers in general.


Yeah because focus last the entire match and there are active skills that cover the entire team in focus?


This is not true, Human shields are a lot stronger now than they were before because of the dip in damage.


it would be cool if they add somekind of a rule that you can use only one human shield in raids


I’m pretty sure it was a meme at one point. So many characters were given focus at one point.


Some of the newer toons have focus to all… and why do you need it to last the whole raid. By the time the focus is over, the only toons left should be the shields. Fire starter Maggie has focus to all for two turns. See if you can implement her. Lots of players still use five star kate.


i agree with other specialists skills being kinda weak but i think shields are alright as they are. Just use focus to get through them, easiest counter.


Omg my old friend I missed you, @Drip