Nerf Human Shields, Buff Other Specialist Abilities?

The fact that Human Shields are usually the only specialists you might find on a top-tier team makes the game bland. Human Shields are just too strong and the other specialist skills are too weak. How would you guys feel if parting shot was changed to deal 150% normal damage and stunned for 1 turn? Or how about if tenacity reduced the odds of being stunned, taunted and confused by like 20%? Human shield being so much better than the other specialist skills makes specialist skills almost pointless.

You know there’s an easy counter to combat shields right?


You do realize that I’m talking about balancing specialist skills right? It’s boring when all you see is human shields on a team. Also human shields aren’t easy to combat.

They are if you do what Ricky said. You do know what he is talking about right?

If you’re trying to kill shields first then you’re not doing it right.

Just because you can beat something doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It is easy if you use the counter…obviously you’re clueless though.

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Easily negated with disarm, failing that use plenty of stun on attacks and somebody with recover stun/impair.

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Shields negated with disarm? Not really. They still shield.

Well, you can still build ap comfortably then pop Alice next round.

That’s true.

“Easy if”, you just proved my point.

Exactly. “If” you use the counter. So use the counter and you will be fine.

Some you guys need lay off this game and go play panda pop or something. Complaining about everything. Shields these day are very irrelevant. Using focus and high power damage and save them for last. Easy win.


And without the “counter”, wouldn’t it be difficult?

It would. But I’m sure you have the counter. Can you name it? Tons of toons have it.

Kate with Tenacity already does a pretty good job of beating human shields and she isn’t even a six star.


Whats the counter? Stun and focus?

Confuse & taunt too. A shield won’t have resistance against all of them.

You could still remove them all with the actives of other 6*.

I guess so, the only 100% fool proof plan is disarm the shield, build ap on them then use focus to kill the rest of the team. Easily done.

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