Nerf event milestones required for mittens

Shouldn’t have to be hitting 1800 in each raid, 1.25m in Level Up and most likely Completing Elite in SR. Extremely unlikely for F2P players and raid cans aren’t the easiest to come by. Nerf the milestones, give everyone a chance st attaining toons that are god awful anyway no point making it such a pay pushing grind.


This f*cks me off. Can’t hit elite on free energy with stupid short ass Faction SR


How would they get can sales if u cud get on free energy…

I decided I’m not going to play into their game for what are once again terrible prizes. They can keep the 3 terrible toons.

Merry Christmas to all except the decision makers over at scopes because you get a big old Bah! Humbug! instead.


Because Knox is poo and no one would spend cans on him?

I’m at least pleased Dwight is in raids. At least it’s possible to build up a stash of cans and hit milestones fairly easily (and for free)

only might go for Maggie i have Dwight


Most will still participate in events because staying on to in leagues is a most. Refusing to play bc the toon are bad is a waste of league trophies you could be accumulating.

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Solo trophies get you league store tokens so you can then spend weeks of collecting so you can get a full set of gear to max out one toon. Yeah, so much fun. :smirk:

Dropping from D3 to P3. Is only like a 100-150 coin difference yet it requires almost no grind and so much less time wasted doing the same 3 things over and over. The only thing I care about from leagues are the faction events because they lead directly to the purple tokens which lead to toons. Which for me is the only interesting thing about leagues in the first place. Hey to each his own.


U have plenty of time to collect the gloves. Why complain? You’ll get all gloves b4 time expire s if u collect even half of what’s there

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That’s how the supply depo feels this time of year.

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.you guys shouldn’t care so much the toons are complete garbage and nothing new the Christmas event is the biggest waste of time all year


I’d be interested to know what happens to the mittens if you don’t get enough for the toon , depot points I assume

They disappear into thin air

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They never give depot points for museum collections…

In the past, they allowed trade in collections for unused items. Look back in your museum and there are a few - turkey parts a few thanksgivings ago, fuses, baseball cards, orange soda. Those haven’t really come around for a while though.

Generally this was low amounts for low food, so most people just ignored it because the crippling hand pain of trading in 00’s of items for a shitty amount of food or 4 star tokens just wasn’t worth it.

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Surprisingly agree here. These toons aren’t worth the effort/dime for.

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Not really what you just said makes no sense. No toons no need for gear. It’s kinda obvious.

You also get plenty of league store tokens when the entire faction does well.

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