Nerf Erica and Lydia scopely!They are too strong


Nerf this p2p characters everyone hates them and nobody (f2p) can get them.Nerf them like take thier revive or nerf bonus hp.

  • Nerf Erica
  • Nerf Erica and Lydia
  • Nerf Lydia
  • Dont nerf them

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several people are typing…


How about we not? Just keep them the way they are. They have counters. Simple enough.


You can’t have even faced a Lydia yet and you’re already crying?



First of all, they are money makers for them so no nerf would ever happen. I suggest they make Erika a guaranteed f2p toon in a major event we can all participate in. The free to play need a revive toon and what would be better than an Erika for all to help bridge the gap. I’m sure the p2p wouldn’t mind a 2nd or 3rd Erika as well.


The anniversary event is free.


Yeah you keep telling that to yourself. The odds to pull her must be like a billion to one. :wink:


No revives, no specialist skills, a Garett who’s a decent lead and that’s it… wow. Who cares about “free” when it’s under those conditions?


Have you looked at the year 3 wheel? Revive Tyreese is in there who is specialist also, disarm michonne, two shields. What are you talking about?


Lucky me then.


no no no

fat fingered the wrong one. DAMNIT!!!


I was talking about the Cakes/Candles event, bud. As for the Year 3 Tokens, wow, so cool, yay! In a top faction, how many pulls are you going to get? And how many times will RNG screw you over? Hmm…


Great were all so glad you got her now stop thinking only of yourself and let everyone else enjoy fantasizing about having a decent toon without having to drop a couple of hundred dollars.


You don’t have to drop $100, that’s the point.

RNG gonna RNG


Nerf Lydia. If I pull Erika (and yes, it’s a strong “if”), I want to savor that strong range defensive boost, heal and bonus HP, and revive.

If I don’t, well then fuck it. Nerf her for all I care.


Sadly, this.


ALL THE WAY UP $$$$$$$


Voted for Lydia, Erika is fine the way she is and is manageable, Lydia is way to overpowered if they can nerf The wanderer they sure as hell can nerf lydia her rush needs to be toned down.


She’s fiiiiine. Just deny her. Get a lucky stun or confuse and you’ll be fiiiiine.



I warred and got her, is that considered free?