Watch all the whales start failing attacks again should be fun.

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They’re not nerfing such a successful money grab. If it’s profitable, who cares if it breaks the game?

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Yes I remember that time before Alice when all the whales could not win anything. I had 5 Bennys up at one point and they. Could. Not. Make. A dent. 3* Katjaa shield up and I took the war match win. They tried with their Konrads and Marlons and (insert all previous promos) but it was no use.

Alice totally saved them.


Best comment on forums ever.


You follow all my threads sweetie so you are just as sad as me thanks for caring so much


I just hope you can’t relate to such whale problems…

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Nah I used my 4 decap Ty’s and Andrea lead against everything and killed all because #f2p4lyfe


I know your reputation. As a F2P myself, it was like a visitation lol

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I dont know abt nerfing alice but she has definitely helped alot of spenders tht had dumb atk teams, like raiding with dante and lydia leads.


She’s fine. She can be countered. I don’t mind her. I know what a mix of her and Alpha can do. You just have to find the counter gap.

She has a few counters 2 the Harper Alice duo but you still need Premier characters. Sorry free to play players they made her to toast us.


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I always did like to see someone raid or hit a territory with lydia, jesus, magna, holly, etc and lose :rofl: they just sit and wonder why they lost to a timeout team attacking with a timeout team


So who do you think I should replace Alice with if they nerfed her?

Just don’t run anything in the green color range on your defense team and you will be fine.:smirk::kissing_smiling_eyes:

Weird flex but ok… replace with tara :joy:

Uh… Green Garrett? :man_shrugging:

How is nerfing alice really gunna be helpful? You can still get raided with other teams duh.

Ok, I will depot Alice and hope for more flare guns. Thanks for your advice.

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I just threw up in my mouth a little

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