Negative Sr points


Any explanation


“Visual Bug, at best”


@CombatDevIl have you seen this before?



Insert nelson(from the simpsons) point and laugh meme
Ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:


I think ours was showing negative points at one point today but is at 1 now.


wow really a negative pts


Inserting the obligatory

Get good


No, first time. Check this @CombatMan @Hedge


Thanks, look forward to an answer


We have the same in our faction. -1,799 points.


It is not combat related, so my knowledge about it is minimum. Maybe, @CombatMan may have any insight.


It’s a visual bug. There’s been issues where that number’s been huge before as well. It doesn’t affect the total score, though. Will get a bug logged.


Dont rule out it just being an accurate name; that slacker is very likely now a “non-member” of that faction