Negative nonmember points

How do we have negative non member points??? Shouldn’t it be 0 or a positive number???

We have negative non member points as well.

When i opened my ygl, the game rebooted & put my ygl back, taking my points off the board, maybe this is happening to one or more of your people?

Not to my knowledge.

Seems that the top 2 rep facs have negative scores. Funny thing is the top rep fac doesn’t usually hit top 3 in events…

I’ve seen this happen over a year ago. It isn’t new. Not sure why it’s there though.

I’m calling it a Handicap… Cuz we’re always first.

Except when ENDGAME was in Fairfield

Our regular 1st place faction does not have a negative number, the faction currently in 1st place in this event does not have a negative number.

Ours decreased when we hit objectives

@Hedge @Shawn.Scopely any idea what the deal is with this???

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