Negative experiences

Today i’m very disapointed to this game, because the last day of the Anniversary Event is totally untrue.
I cannot collected all my Shovel and all of my effort is was in vain, i collected 14,580 of this and i consider to finish my collection today to gey my 5* Character, but the option to collected more Shovels on Assault was withdrawn to the game, and it was aggraveted when the ONLY option is to buy on the shop with Golden Coins and i’m irritated to this. I cannot understand why the time of event can’t respected, it’s totaly shameful and i lose all my time to dedication to get all this collectables. I’m really frustrated and i hope to be rewarted or more organization and respect from all players with the event time.

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Because it’s not too narcissistic to quote yourself…


The advertised event end in the in game event message was the 24th. The collections stayed open another day to allow everyone a fair chance to claim the collection.

We are disappointed in you for not completing your collection within the designated time frame.

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Here you go snowflake this make you happy



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