Negative coin amount?

Hi there!

First of all; i received 699 and 680 coins from League and Arenas yesterday - which made me have coins on my account. I didnt spend any of them and was saving for a pull -

What i see when i recently wake up is that i all the sudden have a negative (?!) Amount of coins on the account…

So now i all the sudden have -1941 coins, and i have nlt spent what i had from before either… has anyone experienced this?

Appreciate all answers

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Have you refunded any game purchases?

No, i have never done that tbh.

tbh i do not believe you here


Trolls can stay away. I have a negative amount of coins without any reasons on my acc.

Can you screenshot it?


Have you opened a ticket with support and asked them how you got a negative coin balance? What was their response?

How did you get two amounts of coins from leagues?

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You have 100% refunded something through google or apple as that is the only reason to have negative coins


No response yet. Ticket opened

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It was from top 3 Arenas and then leagues. My bad if i said wrong

I understand that, but the issue comes since i havent spent on anything except for SC for a long while, and i would never voluntarily refund anything. So i dont really understand then, if i had done it i should have known it right?

And even better when i havent spent for a long time…

If you have refunded something you would defiantly know and if you’re playing the im innocent and didnt refund anything scopely can track if you refund something so if you lie to support they will know…


Yes i asked them to track. I wouldnt lie to them either, just like i havent lied here. So hope i get a decent answer.

refunding also does not go in do - coins. that would be a loader

Can happen if
Tapjoy refused a offer
You returned a buy that granted coins

So if you pay for something and dont recieve what you pay for and get a refund cause that is how it works, you get punished and go into negative coins? Oh yea that is something that is called criminal :man_shrugging: anyways i have no idea why you are in negative coins OP, i got a refund before and never went negative and idk how that is even a thing but that is crazy

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Then i assume bug…since i got my rewards from tapjoy a month ago…

And i cant remember even doing a refund, i have spent on this game and would never refund for any reason.

But guess we have to wait and see

They have some options in tapjoy where you some crap you get bonus coins.
Like phone shells and such.
Return those you get refunded