Negans Christmas Takeover ๐ŸŽ…


This is golden, well done. Well done.:+1::+1::+1:


This is great, very thoughtful! I just wanted to comment on the timing. Itโ€™s November 6th, and you have this event starting in 24 days. Iโ€™m guessing Scopely designed their Christmas event about three months ago and while minor tweaks are possible, thereโ€™s just no time to throw out that work and do an overhaul. So, right now is when you should be pitching March events, or April even. What do you have in mind for St. Pattyโ€™s?


is there even an irish character in rts? but the wheel could luck of the clover and have a bunch of new greens and old ones.


Aris looks Irish to me, but the name is of Greek origin. Harlan is an Irish name. We could tick off everyone with an Irish or Scottish heritage by suggesting Davie :wink:


Awesome idea broโ€ฆ but Negan lead should be, all melee teammates get 40%atk and huge atk AP and drop the specialist skillโ€ฆ other than thatโ€ฆ great job againโ€ฆ was a fun post to read. Btw lol love the Rush nameโ€ฆ Ho Ho Horror. That shit had me cracking up! Also give Negan a Xmas weapon too โ€ฆ


should his christmas lucile be for attack or suport?


Cheers, love this idea. Thank you for taking the time write it up in such detail!


@phantom2 โ€ฆ Negans weapon should be a big ass candy cane with spikes at the top and a sharp tip at the bottom of the caneโ€ฆ will kinda look like Lucilleโ€ฆ

Neganโ€™s sweet tooth or Lucilleโ€™s sweet tooth

30% atk
30% hp
30% def


Not a fan of the lead skill on Negan, itโ€™s the same as Mirabelle whoโ€™s available to everyone

Would love it if it was a huge AP boost to all melee though. Thatโ€™d be outstanding

Otherwise, cool idea


Outstanding layout and over all would be a great event and know matter what everyone would get a pull and keep the players happy havings something to do everyday if they take this idea and run with it it be a great xmas event nicely done bro!! : )


Sounds like a great event.

:+1: from me


Thanks for the imput LadyGeek Iโ€™ll try to make new event ideas but I just put this out just for Scopley to take ideas and mold them into their own Iโ€™ll keep in mind to post it when the holiday is comming up but once again Thank you for your imput Iโ€™m happy that so many people enjoy my ideas. :santa:


Bravo! :clap::clap::clap::clap:
Estos tipos de hilos necesitamos


terrible. it should be
30% def
medium ap on def
when killing a enemy regain 100% hp and gain 50% def.
Neganโ€™s sweet recovery lucile


Ho Ho horror! Dude this is even better than the Ho Ho homicide AR. Great job.


Great idea :+1:


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