Negans Christmas Takeover 🎅


This is a Suggestion for a Christmas Event that took me a hour to write so please if you have something negative to say please PM me it instead of posting it in the comments now with that being said here is:

Negans Christmas Takeover

Story (Not lore friendly): Negan finds a crashed sleigh with a few walkers surrounding it after killing them he finds a wounded Santa pinned underneath it, he is bitten and with little time left Santa ask negan (the top person on his naughty list) to save Christmas but knowing Negan instead of saving Christmas he is ruining it and he is far from Jolly and he is going around to all the community's and taking everything that isnt nailed down, while making his way to Alexandria Rick (Road to Survival 3), Michonne (Winter Edition), Ezekiel (Winter Edition), Shiva (Winter Edition), and Jesus (Winter Edition) are waiting in the woods to foil Negans plans and take back Christmas.

Login event idea:
25 days of Horror
•Day 1: 1k Elite Tokens
•Day 2: 2k 5* Recruits Tokens
•Day 3: 500 4* Weapon Tokens
•Day 4: 2 Benidicts
•Day 5: 25 Santas Helper Tokens
•Day 6: 1k Elite Tokens
•Day 7: 2k 5* Recruits Tokens
•Day 8: 500 4* Weapon Tokens
•Day 9: 2 Benidicts
•Day 10: 25 Santas Helper Tokens
•Day 11: 1k Elite Tokens
•Day 12: 2k 5* Recruits Tokens
•Day 13: 500 4* Weapon Tokens
•Day 14: 2 Benidicts
•Day 15: 25 Santas Helper Tokens
•Day 16: 1k Elite Tokens
•Day 17: 2k 5* Recruits Tokens
•Day 18: 500 4* Weapon Tokens
•Day 19: 2 Benidicts
•Day 20: 25 Santas Helper Tokens
•Day 21: 2k 5* Recruits Tokens
•Day 22: 2k Bloody Snowflakes
•Day 23: 2k Bloody Snowflakes
•Day 24: 2k Bloody Snowflakes
•Day 25: 100 Santas Helper Tokens

Wheel Idea:
Santas Helpers
A Wheel (you need 100 Santas Helper Tokens to make 1 pull) with Some of the Following toons:
•6* Erika-Winter Edition
•6* Shiva-Winter Edition
•6* Richard-Winter Edition
•6* Michonne-Winter Edition
•6* Ezekiel-Winter Edition
•6* Jesus-Winter Edition
•6* Rick-Road to Survival 3
•6* Joshua-Road to Survival 1
•5* Erika-Winter Edition
•5* Shiva-Winter Edition
•5* Richard-Winter Edition
•5* Michonne-Winter Edition
•5* Ezekiel-Winter Edition
•5* Jesus-Winter Edition
•5* Rick-Road to Survival 2
•5* Joshua-Hardened Survivor
Any other winter themed 5s
Pull Odds:
10% Chance
•5* 90% Chance

Museum Gear Collection
So for the month of December their should be a Gear Collection and a Roadmap Collection where you have to collect: Bloody Snowflakes (for gear) all gear is the same cost as previous Collections but instead of a 5* ascendable (which is Solange in this case) why not add
4* Solange Shovel for 25k Snowflakes
•30% Atk
•20% def
•150 Stun or Ap Down (Either would be fine)
It would be nice addition for one free Stun or Ap Down weapon to players who may not have one at all because let’s all face it, Earl isnt the best Weaponsmith.

Negans Santa Hat Roadmap + Collection
Complete a daily Roadmap through the 1st-30th with 8 stages on each Roadmap with basic rewards such as:
•Mod Scraps
•Basic gear
•Wheel tokens
But after completing the 8th stage in the roadmap you get 1 Santa Hat Where in the museum you can redeem 10 Santa Hats for 100 Santas Helper Tokens which means you can get 3 Santas Helper pulls throughout the month of December by completing all of the Roadmaps. And for last

The Legacy
Last year 5* Rick (Road to Survival 2) was made ascendable so why not this year make his 5* Negan (Road to Survival 1) into a Ascendable, something like this,

6* Negan (Road to Survival 3)
1,852 Atk
1,483 Def
2,086 Hp
•Adrenaline Rush: Ho-Ho-Horror
Deal 500 Dmg to one Enemy 3 teammates gain 100 def which decreased by 30% every turn, this character regains 25% Hp for 2 turns.
•Specialist Skill:
Life Steal II when this character kills a enemy they regain 50% of their max Hp
•Active Skill:
Stun and impair 2 enemys for 1 turn
•Leader Skill:
All Melee teammates get 40% Hp and 40% Atk

So this is my Short idea of what a Christmas Event could be but I know its Not Great and its Not bad but hopefully some of yall will find this interesting please let me know yalls thoughts.


This sounds great… better than last years xmas anyways


@Metal thanks for pitching the idea. it’s kinda great if Scopely would take it in and realize it.
Even if not, its great work! Keep surviving…


Thank you, its nice to hear that people like my ideas!


@JB.Scopely Definitely can bring your attention, looks like a good event :slight_smile:


Scopely should hire you to lead their creative content…this is gold! If you can think of such a detailed, fun and fair event for free, what are the people doing that are actually paid to do it?

Great work, keep up the ideas. Posts like this give me hope of better things to come :slight_smile:


Make it happen scopes!!!


I’d be very keen for this! Great ideas


I love the level of detail you put into this, all the way down to giving Negan exact stats and naming his rush.

An advent calendar style login event would also be pretty awesome.


Very fond of this! :santa:


This is my opinion : That 6* Negan idea might be good idea but i would delete that Specialist Skill ( Life Steal) and only keep his Leader Skill. (Because he is OP)


Omg @JB.Scopely said he was fond of my idea :star_struck:
Not sure if he likes the name or the wheel itself but still I’m stoked that I got a reply!


Very good idea but you forgot something!!! Where is the money income??? Will they get above 200K $? If not then its simply another good idea.
We heared some very good ideas over the years but only 1-2 start to happen recently.
Unfortunatelly money comes first in all games.


Well they could make more Christmas promos / 6* Santa Negan (and for those who dont have him maybe sell him in a stash like command Glenn and Call it Santas Stash) which would be one Way the offers/crates they could sell for event items.


Awesome idea dude, really hope scopely takes some notes and makes an event similar to this


for negan it looks like your trying to make him a support character. so his attack should be lower like maybe instead of 1.8kdmg it should be 1.5k and def should be 1.6k and hp could stay the same. the maim should be up to 2 enemies and not 1. life steal 2 wouldn’t happen since there is a toon that has the basic one. so he could become a HTL toon or a disarm. either one would work with negan’s kit.


Thanks for the imput I’ll fix it later I’m at work atm.


you thought of the best christmas event to topple them all. pretty great my dude. but the snowflakes do you get them by raiding or tourneys?


Mainly from Turrnies maybe during a raid event they could drop, But most importantly in offers cause you still gotta get income


This is golden, well done. Well done.:+1::+1::+1: