Negan sweater we will get tomorrow?

Hello walkers. When we start negan today and finish him tomorrow we will get sweaters? Thx

No one knows tbh

If you start an assault when the sweaters show up as a reward then you should get the sweaters. Plain and simple. If Scopely changes the rewards mid assault that is dirty but not unheard of from them

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The collection has a timer in the museum, if your faction assault goes beyond the timer you probably won’t get sweaters

I just opened it. Wtff???

I’m not surprised, they usually leave the collection up a day after the event “ends” - glad we finished ours half hour ago now lol

They remove sweaters in the rewards, but they give us 1500 tickets to rub it in

Really shitty of them for taking the sweaters out of an Assault that was already under way. We started one a few hours ago hoping to get one last done in time. Typical Scopely greed.

just wrapped a fa 11 min after. they dont show in rewards but u will get them if started before 7 est



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