Negan Museum Bugged


The number of jackets received is bugged. your missing 20 brown jackets and cannot complete the 3rd offer. can post screenshots but do the math it isnt enough there


yup the collection doesnt add up. i WAS thinking about going for it then i did a pre check and also cross checked when i completed the carl collection and noticed it is unfinishable in its current state.


yea i did go for it and now its bugged come on scopely fix this crap lol @Shawn.Scopely


You have to do the second collection more than once, however, collection 3 should have a 3rd turn in option like the prior premium collections have had. So yes, it appears you need to find 20 purple coats


The first collection can be done only once, so if you have no purple jackets at the start, you turn in 10 green jackets and get 10 purple jackets, then turn in those 10 purple jackets for 25 purple jackets and you’re done.


Except you can turn in 10 of those 25 purple jackets for 25 more purple jackets leaving you with 40 jackets to move to collection 3.
Then collection 3 you turn all 40 purple jackets for 70 purple jackets (PJ). Then turn in 40 PJ for another 70 PJ leaving you with 100 PJ but you need 120 to complete collection 4

Assuming you have all green jackets that are required


Ah yeah I missed the 2 turnins of collection 2…





I thought they were purple though :confused:

Anyway contacted support almost 36 hours ago about museum collections. Nothing back yet.




Oh no it happened again? I’m surprised


its bugged i bought all the supreme boxes and im short purple jackets. not an idot


the original (first run) carl collection had 80 jackets as the trade off, not 70. this is the main reason why you could power through with only doing the 3rd turn-in with 2 turns instead of 3. in this iteration they lowered both the jackets you recieve and the max turn-in from 3 down to 2. this makes the collection broken in its current state.


what do we have to do to get scopely support on this



and just like that scopes made it right with the free offer. 20 purple jackets and a few other goodies.


They had the same issue the 1st time Carl was available… and then did it again?

This will help in the future :+1:


For those who want someone that isn’t negan.


nice it was resolved easily was afraid they were gonna charge us more lol


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