Negan MAIM adrenaline


Hi all,

Anyone can explain what does MAIM do exactly?


Maim means that you can’t heal the damage that has been dealt to you.


Also seems to be unmodified so it will always do 600 damage.


It sucks that a Negan who is known to be kickass has this AR


seems like an underwhelming AR but we need to see the actual 6* meta to make a decision i guess.


Remember that although a new skill may look underwhelming at first, that there may be opportunity in the future for future characters to possess the same ability with a greater impact.

Set damage is especially useful versus those teams who have massive defense boosts up i.e Legend Negan. Furthermore, sets amount of damage can help you to chip away at those stall teams that try to heal.


Exactly, that’s why i intend to see him in the actual 6* meta and how it works out 5x T4 6stars fighting each other then we can decide if its good or bad, till then its just guessing.


That Legend Negan with an ABS 0, HP, and DEF is a pain in my side. My team was doing 50-80 damage per hit.

Shiva to the rescue!! :tiger2:


That is because 5 star’s attack values dont cut the evasion and all that def stack you have hit with tiered up 6 stars to make him hurt for real :slight_smile:


It causes flat damage (there is no attack x defense calculation) and that damage cannot be healed, it kinda decreases max hp.


  • Execution Specialist 20% threshold doesn’t take into account Maim, it can trigger when 20% HP is below the original max hp.
  • Tenacity Specialist 10% threshold doesn’t take into account Maim either. However, If a maim damage is greater than remaining HP in Tenacity Specialist, Tenacity doesn’t trigger even if one has more than 10% remaining HP.
  • % Healing takes into account. e.g. original max hp is 1000, suffered 600 maim damage, 10% heal would be 40, not 100.

Maim questions?
What does Maim do?

40 not 60, but I got you. And same applies for bonus HP, HP when revived, etc?


Exactly what I was thinking. For those pesky evasion skills.
I feel like flat damage toons will become more useful as the 6* world develops.


hahah, fixed, :wink:


Bonus HP yes, because you’re not allowed to have more Bonus HP than you Max HP.

Revive no.