Negan last words milestone

Ok, so we need to defeat 5 red Negan’s, that sucks nonetheless, but there are major issues with this:
He is a purely promo character
Killing him in arenas doesn’t count
Sr is random to get him
There are no gaurenteed ways to kill him(in last words event there was, in the roadmap)
Negan isn’t as viable as he once was for defense, not many people run him.
Taking all that into consideration, how are we supposed to complete this milestone???


Pray the whales in your region are willing to put him up and take a bunch of loses. My region sucks so no one did last time. You know precious rep and all… :smirk:

This BS has to stop so stop putting up challenges that are semi-unobtainable. If you insist we have to fight Negan then put him up in a daily roadmap for Pete’s sake.


This is truth, I didn’t mind too much the first time cause I found him in survival road last time, now it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.


Ha. My problem is I’m in the no.1 faction, not many have him outside of it that I’ve seen

It is. And some smaller regions like mine its really undoable. This should be replaced soon. We need to get GRs attention on this so it can be amended. We can’t keep failing bc they won’t listen. Its starting to get real old.


I’ve only seen Negan once in raids and I’m getting mad having to spend food trying to find him


leave your faction for a bit and ask them to put him up. if someone puts him up with a revive or two you can get it done fairly quickly. just an option

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We did have one person from our top fac put him up and I fought his bot once then nada.

I’m gonna guess he pulled him because people were raiding him and not his bot because you know people suck. :laughing:

We have one person in my region offer to put him up, I’ve hunted the bot 2 times, 800k food so far.

This isn’t a realistic choice @GR.Scopely
Please put up a road map with him like there was with Shiva.


Would that count as more than one kill if so awesome ty

We need something @GR.Scopely cause he’s almost impossible to get someone to put him up in raids

it does. i have hit a bot that had this set up and im doing the same in my main region

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Asking people to drop defense is like asking them to rip their nail off, because rep. :roll_eyes:

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Scipley’s likely response…

Go buy a quill for $19.99 and run the premium “N” roadmap.


Oh you got that one right lol. I put up an easy defense during raids and several others do so too but the majority will not cause they are worried about their rep

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They say “work harder for what you want like I did” my wallet isn’t that thick.

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Or make it count also on frendly raids


Yeah no one used red negan. Not like you can farm SR when you see him. Once your done your done.

Why wouldn’t people put him up? So ridiculous. Clearly rep is a bad thing these days with the level 2 gens haha.

@GR.Scopely can you take it to the team to put up a negan roadmap? You guys put a roadmap up for jiafeng, elena, green hershel when there was an event such as this running.