Negan crate pull


So they show the crate pull. U click the icon it shows what’s in the crate. It shows a 6* negan and Lucille. However when u open the crate it is a 5*. is this misleading or what


There are 2 crates…


The crate with the 6* Negan is called “reunited lovers”. Please check the wheel next time.


Lol why would anyone pull for this toon. He’s in the top 5 worst six stars.


Lead skill is great just the rest of him is trash.

There starting the whole no good negan role again with 6* like they did with 5*


Yellow Negan yes. I would not say green Negan is one of the worst. Great leader skill for an all/mostly green team. 600 maim is always great for attack. Crit bonus would help Zeke, Bruce or any other toon who uses crit. AP drain is a nice active skill. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. I’d be happy with him on a team with any combo of Shiva (OG not Christmas), Carl, Bruce, Glenn, Zeke or Viktor.


You mean 600 flat main damage.


Yes edited, thanks!