Need your opinions

Opinions about Charlie?

Charlie looks good on paper and he’s free. Easy decision buy him and Regina. If you have enough tokens pick up Kal too for the hell of it. Gen1 but he looks solid.


Even though his weapon isn’t what people thought it would be, I’m still excited for him and I know some usefulness will come out of both him and his weapon.

They are fixing it. It will be on attack. It’s a bug.

Really? Haven’t heard about this.

Yea GR commented on the big post about it.

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Ah alright I’mma have to check this out, thanks. That means other people can shut up about him not being what they wanted :joy:

Here ya go…

To the op… absolutely he’s worth it. Him and Michelle are a great pair.


Yeah I found it, thanks for letting me know, I probably wouldn’t have seen it and would have continued to look like an idiot.

His weapon is going to be patch as it should of been clearer so it is going to be 100% taunt when attacking

Yes someone told me above.

Yeah I realised so it is just a reminder if you forget

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Trust me I have a great memory, I won’t forget.

Ok don’t worry about it then

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