Need top Faction - not AP level to join

I am a good player looking for a top faction to play in. Only missed one milestone in the last year…CRW included. I don’t want to join a faction that is looking to become AP level. Been there done that…not interested.

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Ok…no one needs a diamond player. Got it!

Transfers are shut for a few month maybe try again when they are re opening good luck tho !

I can add you to my recruit chat, but as the other person said. No one can transfer until at least September. Please email me your line info. I can also add to a massive recruit chat.

I have a new line chat and am ready to move.


Can you send a new invite?

I mean, my faction is pretty good but Idk if you would want to join. Euphoria in Burke region.

What did you place in last crw? And in your region…what do you normally place amongst your other factions?

Did you wait 2 months to reply to @Banshee ?

Also we rank 1st in our region for all events
Crw rank is usually 6-12

Add me on line if you are interested @QueenofSpade5. My line id is thatpugyouknow.

Oh, nice. Stumbled on my faction in your ss. Lol