Need to know about incoming war?

Blitz? Or War between regions?

My region is Bamberg

I’d like to know if 6v6

I have no idea

If they they’re not excited to announce it by now, just expect things that will create mayhem & frustration again be prepared

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If you are in a new region it is all out war, I’m assuming 6vs6 but not 100% sure… if you are in a wave 1,2, or 3 region it is a cross region war.

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Where have you seen this please ?

The calendar

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Thank you

No problem!

Little less than 5 hours to start. Hopefully we get some info soon while mod removal is still on.

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Coming Soon!

Wonder what are the towers about now?

Gr said it’s going to be 6v6

■■■■■■■■ with this 6v6 shit if its going be all 3 waves fuck me dead use more cans to end fights then i can fucken farm

Yes it will be 6vs6.


Just why??? better sell cans like hot steaming shits then


If it’s going to be 6v6, how many regions will be pitted against one another?


16 like fucken normal

wave 2 and 3 was also 6v6 and 16 regions…

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