Need to have a free event to get green alpha

With all the great yellow toons out there if you don’t have green alpha ur at a huge diss advantage because that’s the only readily avalible melee decap ether put her in sr like u have ty or make an easy to get Museum collection


She should have been in the league store rather than naya tbh…


That or the sales depot for sure although I am happy I got the fire chick whatever her name is lol

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Naya is an absolute beast and I wouldn’t have her be replaced by alpha but she should be in the depot or leagues. Also, why not put multiple ascendables up at a time other than the league exclusive ones?


You know why


lol, im surprised we havent got the “green alpha to the museum” thread.


They did have a free event. It was called “Lucky tokens” where lucky bastards like me pulled her for free…


When pulling three of her, lucky becomes unlucky, like myself


That is certain

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She looks good she has fairly high dps but her downside very low defense.They should have an event to get her or some other toon maybe a disarm but you can only choose one.

Calm down everyone. Did you know that she is in the current 5* wheel?


in before they remove it from there :smiley:

lmfao!!!(7 characters)

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They should. She’s by far the worst of the four.

Isn’t there 5?

Yeah there are 5.

Oh I forgot about the new one. Oops.

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Either way you’re right, weakest out of the 5.

Yes but you have to be lucky to actually pull her I had 45 pulls on that wheel and didn’t get her since they put her on it

Naya is a good person and cool she’s a good character