Need to add a delay between abandoning a Territory and retaking it

Factions do this thing where they capture a territory then abandon it before the shield disappears and retake it to give it a new shield where no one else can attack. Just repeating over and over. But there is definitely a delay between when they abandon it and when it shows up as abandoned to everyone else, even when you’re sitting there watching the territory knowing it’s about to happen

Fac mate and I were watching a territory with like a minute left waiting for the holding faction to abandon as they had just done with another territory. Went in and auto battled the second it appeared as open to me, by the time i finished one hit, the other faction had already retaken the territory and added 2 teams

There needs to be some kind of timer between a faction intentionally abandoning a territory and when they can attack it again, even if it’s just 5 minutes

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Why? It’s part of a strategy. You can do the same once you get the territory


More of a dick move then strategy imo


No, it’s just a broken mechanic as it’s always gonna be delayed showing up as open for everyone but the occupying faction. Or I guess I should just get my whole faction online and have everyone stare at 1 single territory nonstop for 5 minutes to counter this “strategy.”

Maybe since it’s Monday, someone from Scopely will be at work today. Maybe they’ll also be able to fix the Michonne’s Blessing wheel since mine is still showing 2 choice boxes Replenish, Materials, Survivors, and Food

Yourll go insane thinking scopes will fix territory

That is very true

I agree if they drop it there should be a 2 minute cooldown before they can attempt to retake it to let other peoples game sync back up

I do this sometimes, but the delay can go both ways, I have seen it show up as walkers on other devices (not within faction dropping the territory) first numerous times so the inherent advantage is more in knowing when it’s being dropped than any guaranteed head start.

I always lol when other factions attempt to do this and I see and clear it before them though.

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