NEED: Team Grade Calculation Defined


I would like someone to confirm how the team grade is precisely calculated based on base stats of toons (attack, defense, health, maybe crit) + leader bonus + mods + weapons @JB.Scopely . The most recent guide I found was posted by @LadyGeek but the precise calculation I cannot find, which is causing me grief and deviations from the guide.

Will someone please provide this precise calculation with examples of team grades all the way up to S9? I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for this.

I have attempted multiple calculations and cannot crack the code so either the calculation isn’t as simple as it would seem or the chart needs updated.

Please feel free to post your proven and unproven calculations based on this guide until the calculation is provided (:


Team grade now factors in leader skill, weapons and mod bonuses so your gonna have to bust out the calculator if you want to figure it out now.


I did one better, Excel is a beautiful thing. Regardless how many inputs, the calculation needs to be defined. I’ve tested even the basic and it still doesn’t tie to the chart…


Talk to @LadyGeek. Pretty sure that’s her chart.


I would think that mods that include health, attack, or defense would impact the calculation, but not crit. I calculate 23,878, which should be s5++, but app shows s6 :man_shrugging:


We don’t yet have a quantification for how certain leader skills, weapon skills, and mods affect team grade. As you’ve found out, +crit increases team grade, but by how much? We also don’t know how bonuses to AP are calculated, how weapon specials are calculated, or how mods add to the strength. How much would a +50% maim resist add? Is it the same as a +50% stun resist? How about a ‘graze’ mod? All unanswered as of right now.


Thanks for the response @LadyGeek, any idea who could provide this considering it’s already live in our world?


Well obviously the Iugo devs could, but we haven’t heard from them since June. @JB.Scopely could get the information for us, if he’s allowed to share it. There are other ways to inspect local game data, but we won’t go there.


@JB.Scopely having this information is key considering league advantage is based on team grade, why not empower the players to create the best team grade by providing the data they require? Otherwise it’s just random guesswork which most of us can accomplish for the 3.2 multiplier but what about 3.4 and onwards?


100% crit is factored into it now. My team grade goes up with zeke although the character he’s replacing has higher atk/def/hp combined stats


As said by @Ladygeek the weapon skills and AP which don’t affect base stats definitely factor.

I did a trial with two identical weaponless teams.

Added a 30% Attack + 20% Defence + Attack down Revolver (350 power) to Wanderer and it came up S7+

Replaced that with a 35% Attack + Huge AP + HP on Killing gun (410 power) and it came up S7++

If it was just base stats, the former would give a higher rating as 30% Attack and 20% Defence gives higher base stats than 35% Attack.


weapons are taken into account with the weapon power value. No matter what the exact characteristics are. So no matter whether you have a special skill ap or attack on the weapon, they are generating the same impact to teamgrade as long as they have the same weapon power value. For weapons it also seems to have no relevance, whether the weapon stats would benefit from leader skill or not.

I did some tests and this is my experience with actual software release.


See, this is the kind of stuff that needs to be confirmed.

But how does it affect things? Team grades have always been based on attack + defence + HP stats which total thousands, so (I would hope) the power value isn’t simply added to that because there is no way a 60 difference in weapon power score is the same as a 60 difference in attack stat


of course there will be some factor. With the knowledge above you can find this out by simply adding enough weapon power to get a whole grade step. Then divide grade difference by weapon power added and you should have the factor. i did not do it so far, but with the values in the picture above from Slyest, calculation should be possible.


There are some inconsistencies with weapons as well. I found that the overall numerical value assigned also did not always tie to the chart but appeared to be more consistent than simply factoring in atk/hp/def.

I think the biggest unknown is mods considering crit is playing a role so what else is and at what value!?

Hopefully we will get a response if this will be released to the players.


Anyway you could share these screenshots, this will help me/others immensely if Scopely won’t @Kanaima?


Seems odd they’d only calculate using stats… Ignores weapons/toons with fancy skills like stun/shield/stun resist/etc or even just AR strength.


They’re not using only stats, and we are trying to quantify what the effect of non-stat weapons, mods, and lead skills.


Sorry it took a while, but here is the set. I was a little wrong, Romanov has a weapon but you can see what changing the single weapon does:


And same characters, only change is the one weapon and it gives S7++


Far as i know mostly depends on mods to reach S9+…One of my friend have S9+ team with 30869 stat points, 4 toons with full 5 gold mods,1 toon 4 gold 1 silver,weapons score 410,372,430,402,410.

My S9 team 30810 stat points,2 toons with 5 gold mods,1 toon 4 gold 1 silver,1 toon 4 gold 1 bronze,1 toon 2 gold 2 silver 1 bronze,weapons score 410,410,410,390,390

So if i see this only depends on mods and not on stats because the stat points circa the same…and i tested with same stat points still S9 team.