Need team build for War

Need help buildin defense for War. These are my toons.

Can’t see any pictures

Ij reposted

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Everyone runs Pete. I dont hv him. Need a decent war team so i can participate in war tired of not getting high milestones during event.

Try raulito lead, jiafeng, Cameron scarr, james, and kapoor.

Or angel lead, Kapoor, Priya, Cameron scarr and princess


Let me know how you go

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  1. Angel(lead, keep the mods same as u have right know, impair weapon with 35%atk and huge bonus when defending)
  2. Princess(you need to max her active and rush levels to use her active on turn two with huge bonus when attacking, 40%atk on weapon then give her hp on atk mod and atk on atk mod)
  3. Priya(full on attack mods with crit on atk mod (or) def on atk (if she has less than 2.9kdef), atk on atk, huge bonus when attacking on weapon, 40%atk)
  4. James (with atk mods including crit on atk mod, atk on atk mod, 40%atk and huge bonus when attacking)
  5. Ivanova( need to max her active for her turn two focus and atkup, only atk mods with hp on atk mod and atk on atk mod)
    this is the best atk team i could come up with. I think this will work as defence team if the lead has skill of 40def and huge bonus when attacking or defending. Dont forget to use both ivanova and Princess actve skills on second turn
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First point: You seriously need to learn how to spend veteran rings, it’s painful to see how you wasted rings with useless toons. Use them on S fighters only, Priya mainly.

Also the team build:


With this team you have big damage and a great confuse chain with Sheldon and Michonne (when she hits critical). A lot of defenses uses human shield with control weapon (stun or impair), so using a disarm will help a lot.


Melee based team with outstanding amount of damage and a shield to avoid losing your fight members in first round since you won’t use any revive healer on this set.

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I agree some were wasted on bad toons but veteran rings should also be given to some of the good 6 star toons he has like cameron scar, slater and alert magna

I only used the rings for lvl up tournament for s class princess cards