Need some help with my defense team

Hi there guys, i played this game a few years ago, things changed, and some did not$πŸ˜‹.

I just need some help building a defense Team, open for any advice tips & tricks!
(Sorry for my crappy English):expressionless:

Thanks in advance :v:

Honestly even with full teams of 6* with maxed rush and active skills and good weapons defending is a sometimes food now.
Just do your best to grind it out until you get ascendable toons and don’t worry about defending for now.


GEt any 6s you can. If you are doing the February Death Dublin stash Maggie will be nice. U already got the start of a melee team with negan there.

Looks for 6s in the supply depot. Green glen if u want to go melee. Ty and Mira if u wanna go ranged.

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Thank you for all this information @mountkay

Yeah I’m doing the Maggie dead Dublin staan thing!

There is a war coming up, what do you think is the best leader for me right now? Negan, Michonne or dusty?

I’m used to aim for Fast AR’s but with these new 6stars with 40%hpandDEF leader skills in not that sure anymore! The high HP/DEF% Leader skill over large ap when taking damage+%attack Leader skill?

Thank you so much for all this info and tips & tricks @HiImNewHere

Got a war coming up, what do you think is the best leaderskill for me atm? Negan, Dusty or michonne?

Thanks in advance

YEAh a lot of people were using high def toons for defence teams. A lot of people using Eric for his ranged hp and def. also people used Tripp for a while.

Idk what Negans lead skill is, but it might be better to hide him in your team. people your level prolly won’t Attack you if they see a 6s as your lead.

It depends on whether you’ll be facing top teams or people more at your level.

Actually I just saw negans lead skill. Pretty good. I would go with him over a Ap Leader.

Yeah negan lead and throw some high hp/def toons in to get the most rounds survived. All you can do this war.

Thank you so much @mountkay

@Unknownnn Thank you Sherry! :blush:

Yeah I would forget about making any defense teams based off what you have in your roster. I would just advise you to make a strong attack team over a defense team.