Need some help save me burner accounts pls

Need only 3 ppl to do this
I made 2 burners because if you use my code it gives me points 20 points total when you hit lvl 16
Which doenst take long
My 2 burners have gotten me to 40 points
And I need 90 points
To get the free aks 74 glacier which looks sick af
If yall can help me thank you just saves me making burners

Why not make another burner?

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Process of making
A burner
Make new email
Make new fb
Log in with new fb
Get to lvl 16
Reapet 3 times
Yeah after doing this a. Second time it gets tedious

Do you have already found a job?

I applied for greggs hopefully I get it jobs was only 4 days ago on indeed

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